Alexa Drake

Redesigning My Website

I've been pretty happy with how my website works and looks, but it's time for a change.

This website has predomiinantly been a place for my professional persona: my resume, blog(s), and links are all professionally appropriate and sort of designed to be read by potential employers. But, maybe because I have a job that I really enjoy and don't plan on leaving or maybe because I've been feeling a need to express myself more lately, I'm adding some things to this website.

The first change is that I'm putting links to my outside projects (like RecoveryOnThe.Rocks) and eventually, when I'm ready, my music projects. These mean a lot to me, but until now, I haven't felt comfortable making them accessible from the website that I put on my resume.

The next change will be sections for my art and writing (at least, the writing that doesn't really belong in the blog). But putting those pages together requires a little more effort, so they're still in production.

All in all, I'm excited to be able to share more of myself here.